Please still respect people’s personal space.

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I’m not here to berate anyone. In fact, I’m glad you’ve decided to get vaccinated. You weighed up the risks and the benefits and made an informed decision. We need more of this, we need more common sense. In a world where people still believe this virus is a hoax and/or vaccines are poison it’s essential to spread awareness. Just be careful, because we are not out of the woods yet.

Things are looking up for some of us. Here in the UK, we can finally do our non-essential shopping in actual physical stores, sit in a beer garden and…

Why are you promising me a fortune doing something I know nothing about?

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Your bank balance is giving you anxiety? No problem, get a side hustle! The truth is, the only way to make any real money is to monetize the skills you already have. If you are willing to put in the work and learn a new trade then great! But that will take months or even years of hard work.

If your aim is to make money fast then cross the following options off your list now.

There’s a new generation of Robinhood traders in town and they’re here to…blow up their accounts (i.e. lose all their money). …

He wasn’t the worst candidate

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First off, the election results are now in and the re-elected mayor of London is Sadiq Khan. He is a well-known political figure here in the UK, and formerly a human rights lawyer. In 2009, Sadiq became the first Muslim and first Asian to attend Cabinet, which I’m sure was no easy feat.

There were 20 candidates in total, and it was quite an eclectic mix. It included a YouTuber, a climate change denier (Piers Corbyn), an American with a God complex (Brian Rose) and a man with a literal trash can on his head. I’m not joking. The latter…

Ellie as a puppy. Image by Author

But she grew up to be a well-balanced dog.

Most people don’t realize what living with a young land shark is really like. We like to portray our puppies as perfect angels whose little acts of mischief are simply adorable. If a puppy does something bad we laugh it off and make a humourous post about it on social media. Chewing, nipping, counter surfing — it’s all fun and games. If you’ve never owned a dog before then the arrival of a new puppy can be a shock to the system. It was for me…

My puppy wouldn’t eat. For the first 4 months or so, we had to…

Education | Animal advocacy

I don’t know what their problem is, but science might provide an answer.

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My cat as an example.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think cats are capable of deep unconditional love. However, 90% of the time I call my cat I don’t get a response. “Kitten, kitten, KITTEN!” — not a flinch. With the dog, my chance of success is about 50/50. Sidenote: My cat is actually called Slug, but Kitten is what we usually call him and the name he responds to that 10% of the time. This usually occurs around mealtimes when he’s anxious to get my attention anyway.

What do I think is happening?

We all have that one friend that is so loveable…

Anecdote | Animal advocacy

How I ended up with a cat I never planned to have

Author’s original image from her Instagram account.

“You can’t leave him here!” The veterinary receptionist was almost shrieking. In my defense, the thought never even crossed my mind. I was simply trying to see if that cute moggy that had been hanging around in my garden for days was microchipped. If so, I could reunite him/her with the rightful owner. How silly of me.

I gave the receptionist a small glare but tried to keep my composure. I figured they’d had problems before with people dumping unwanted animals on their premises. Unfortunately, most veterinarians in the UK do not have the resources to deal with strays. Vets…

The first season of CSI aired 20 years ago, it’s time to give it up.

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Facts rarely matter when it comes to procedural dramas. Producers do consult scientists, but sometimes the reality just isn’t engaging enough to attract viewers. That’s fine, business is business. CSI premiered 20 years ago and the general public has probably caught on that they’re being “conned”. Still, some myths refuse to die. Here are just a few of them.

Forensic scientists typically work in a lab. They do not investigate crimes and most of the time they don’t even examine the scene in person. That guy (or girl) in a disposable protective suit is a crime scene investigator. Also known…

We are a small nation, and our traditions are dying out.

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Cultural appropriation is generally frowned upon. Many celebrities have landed themselves in hot water because they’ve borrowed design elements, names or even dance moves from another culture — typically from a disadvantaged minority culture. I invite you to view cultural appropriation from a more positive point of view and to use it as a tool to revive dwindling traditions.

Normally, I wouldn’t speak out about minority issues, it’s not my place. But in this case, I am the minority — a representative of a tiny, dying nation. I’m originally from a small Baltic country called Estonia. In 20201, the total…

Spiralling debt and self-help gone wrong.

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Many people fall for a scam at some point in their lives. I know I have. Most of us forget about it and carry on, but for some, that’s not an option. When a get-rich-scam or a self-help seminar goes wrong it can have drastic consequences — from suicide to negligent homicide.

The sweat lodge tragedy

Self-improvement is a big business. Most of us want to better ourselves in some way, there is a demand and there is a supply — from Instagram influencers to famous gurus like Tony Robbins. For a while now, one of the most notorious figures in the self-help industry…

There is a limit to what cats can do, but they can do so much more than we give them credit for.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

My cat will never pull me out of an avalanche, rescue me from a burning building, or walk for miles just to be reunited with his family. He’s a bit selfish like that. Nevertheless, he can do some neat tricks, and that’s pretty amazing.

Some readers might think that training a cat to perform tricks is borderline torturous, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, many cats enjoy mental stimulation as much as dogs do. Training your cat is a fun way to combine mental stimulation with physical exercise. These types of activities are especially beneficial to indoor cats…

Liesl Baumann

Forensic science graduate, currently working as a freelance translator. Love my orchids, pets and working from home.

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